Undergraduate Statistics Majors


1.) Statistics For Business and Economics
(8th edition)

by Anderson, Sweeney and Williams

Description: This is an excellent book for an introducion to statistics. It covers the topics usually discussed in a first statistics course. It is very well written, and it is the best of the several textbooks I've used for teaching and tutoring.

2.) Mathematical Statistics with Applications
(6th edition)

by Mendenhall, Scheaffer, Wackerly

Description: This book serves as a good introduction to undergraduate level mathematical statistics. The usual topics are covered (probability, distributions, densities, expected value, moment generating functions, functions of random variables, point estimation, hypothesis testing, etc.).
The concepts are explained in a clear and easy to follow manner. There are other excellent books at this level, but I believe this one is the best.

3.) Primer of Applied Regression & Analysis of Variance (2nd edition)

by Glantz and Slinker

Description: This book covers the basics of linear regression and analysis of variance testing. There are several easy-to-follow examples used throughout the book which make its explanations very clear. The book is geared toward students in the biological and health sciences, but can be used just as easily by students in other fields.

4.)Introduction to Linear Regression Analysis
(3rd edition)

by Montgomery, Peck, and Vining

Description: This is an excellent book as an introduction to Linear Regression Analysis. It covers much of the material that is contained in the previously listed book (by Glantz and Slinker), but it concentrates more on the theory and set up of the linear regression model than the other book does (which might be used more for application than theory). This is an excellent text to assist students with an undergraduate level linear regression course.

5.) A Students Guide to Analysis of Variance

by Roberts and Russo

Description: This book gives the reader a good understanding of how analysis of variance testing works. It goes along well with the previously listed book (by Glantz and Slinker) which is less theoretical than this book is. They would both be of great assistance to anyone who is taking an analysis of variance course at the undergraduate level.

6.) Introduction to Probability Models
(8th Edition)

by Sheldon Ross

Description: This book is an introduction to probability models (which are used in many different fields such as engineering and the physical sciences). It also introduces markov chains and stochastic processes. This is an excellent book for undergraduate statistics majors who want to expand their understanding of probability. Students should read this book after studying mathematical statistics at the undergraduate level.

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