Frequently Asked Questions
Q: How do you tutor?
A: My students send me their homework problems by E-mail. If I can do them, I write the solutions to the problems and send them back by E-mail.

Q: How much do you charge for tutoring?
A: I charge $20 per hour for any work I do. Fees are negotiable, but this is my starting rate.

Q: What subjects do you tutor?
A: I help students who are taking both undergraduate and graduate statistics courses. Most of time, I do assignments for students who are taking introductory statistics courses.

My policy is as follows:

1.) I don't do exams for my students. If a student sends me a document and tells me it is an assignment, I will treat it as an assignment.

2.) I don't do projects for my students. I usually just do assignments with questions that are straighforward and brief.

Q: How does your consulting business work?
A: My clients send me an E-mail describing their dissertation. They indicate the areas of statistics where my help is needed. They also ask questions about the statistics that they will be using.

If I am able to assist the client, I return their E-mail to discuss their research study further.

We correspond by E-mail to discuss the rates and a timeframe for me to help them with their disseration.

Q: How do I send payments?
Once we agree on a fee, you send payment by PAYPAL.

Q: How long has your tutoring/consulting website been in business?

A: My tutoring service began in January of 2002. My consulting business began in November of 2006.

Q: How do I get started?
If you need help with homework, just send me an E-mail message with your homework problems attached. I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

If you need my assistance as a consultant, please send me an E-mail describing your dissertation. I'll return your E-mail to discuss your project.

You should include the following information:

1.) Your full name
2.) Your E-mail address
3.) Please let me know if you need my assistance as a tutor or as a statistical consultant.

This information will facilitate our communication while we are working together.

Q: What are your qualifications?
A: I have the following educational background:

1.) B.A. Degree in Statistics 1989
2.) M.A. Degree in Statistics 1991

I also have the following work experience:

1.) Two years teaching introductory statistics courses
2.) One year teaching basic math courses
3.) Three years working as a teaching assistant for statistics courses

I worked at the website: as a volunteer statistical consultant for three years.

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